Need to get a few things in line before you're ready to reach out to new wholesale accounts? You've come to the right place. 

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The Black Friday bundle is available from Friday, November 24th, 2017 at 1 PM, PST, to Monday, November 27th at 9 PM, PST.

I've bundled my two most effective downloadable courses for a special Black Friday offer, plus added in a whole bunch of never-seen-before bonuses!

Here's what's included:

✔️ My most popular downloadable course, Brains of The Buyer, which makes you 100% confident in pitching to a new store or wholesale account.

✔️ My personal all time favorite downloadable course, Creating Effective Sell Sheets (because everyone has a favorite, right?! And this training is just SO. GOOD.).

plus the bonuses:

✔️ A thirty minute consultation with me to answer any lingering questions you have from the workbooks. I *never* do one-off consultations, and typically require a 10 hour minimum for working together one-on-one. This is your one chance to get me on the phone until I take on new clients in winter 2018 (yep, you heard me right. I'm booked out until February, 2018, so grab this deal now!). 

✔️ My fifty minute video tutorial on using Canva, a free design software, to create a beautiful, eye-catching sell sheet once you've worked through the sell sheet workbook. This training has never been available to clients outside of my one-on-one consulting until now! 

✔️ My checklist on everything you need to create a sales kit for your packaged product line, which includes details on what to bring to every Buyer meeting, what materials to create for your sales staff to turn them into selling machines, and what promotional materials to create for your wholesale accounts. 

✔️ My word-for-word script on how to change a Wholesale Buyer's "no" into a "yes," including an email template to use when reaching out to stores. 

This Bundle & Bonuses are only available for this long weekend, and then will vanish again. *poof!* 

And... i hate to say it again, but this is the only way to work with me until february, 2018, as i'm totally booked with clients through the late winter.

Click the "stop talking" button to be taken directly to to purchase the bundle. Put it on your shopping cart and check out, where you can securely pay. You'll have the two courses and the four bonuses in your inbox in a matter of minutes! 

Or ... Keep on reading to learn more about each of the courses in detail. This bundle includes: 


This program outlines exactly what you need to do to be ready to retail your packaged product, what to think through as you pitch to a Retail Buyer, and exactly what the Buyer thinks about as they consider your product line. Click here for even more detail. 





This program ensures you understand exactly what a sell sheet is, when to use one, what to include (and exclude!) when designing your own sell sheet, and how to make yours capture the Buyer's attention - Every. Single. Time. Click here for even more detail. 

Plus Bonus #1:


Plus Bonus #2 & #3:

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plus bonus #4:

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Ready to dive right in? Click "I WANT IT" below and you'll go straight to the check out to securely complete your purchase and you'll have all of the materials, plus the bonuses, in your inbox in a matter of minutes. 

Still have questions? Well, I've got answers. 

  • I make jam / chocolates / roast coffee / sell duck eggs / bake bread / make gluten free pizza dough ... are these courses right for me? 

Heck yes! These downloads are for anyone who makes, grows, or produces a packaged product that they want to sell to retail accounts. They're also perfect for producers who are already selling wholesale, but aren't getting the positive responses from Buyers that you'd hope for. You know you need to change something about your pitch, but you don't know what that is. I can help. 

  • How long will it take me to complete these courses? 

Each of the courses will take about an hour to read, watch and absorb, but you will come away with many action steps from both of the programs, which will take longer to implement, depending on where you are in your business. After you watch the Canva video lesson on designing your own sell sheet, you'll be ready to DIY! How long it takes you to design is totally dependent on how much time you want to put into it, but I'm positive that you can have a good looking draft sell sheet to send to me for review within 24 hours of completing the course.

  • When can I have that phone consultation with you? 

All phone consultations will be done between December 1 and December 22, 2017, unless otherwise arranged in writing with me. When you purchase the bundle, you'll receive a link to schedule that consultation. It's super-easy and there's no emailing back and forth with me to try to coordinate our schedules - it's all done online. 

  • I'm super busy right now, but want to take advantage of this deal. How long do I have access to these materials? 

Foreverrrrrrr. Yep, you heard me. You have lifetime access to the workbooks, PDFs, and training videos. The only thing with an expiration date is the 30 minute phone consult with me, which much be completed by December 22, 2017, unless previously arranged with me. No calling me 10 years from now for that chat. Sorry! 

  • What's your refund policy? 

As these are instant-access, downloadable courses, I do not offer any refunds with this bundle. That being said, I've never had ANYONE ask for a refund on anything that I've done, promise. 

  • I don't want to buy the bundle. Can I just buy an individual course? 

Absolutely! You just don't get all the amazing bonuses. Brains of The Buyer can be found by clicking here, and Creating Effective Sell Sheets can be found by clicking here. Have it at now, because the prices of these courses will both increase January 1, 2018. 

  • Who are you, and why are you selling these courses? 

Great question, and I'm glad you asked! I'm Allison Ball, and I'm a former Grocery Buyer from Bi-Rite Market, a leading specialty food retailer in San Francisco, known nationally for their product assortment, customer service, and beautiful merchandising. I left Bi-Rite almost four years ago to start my consulting business and to share the secrets of Wholesale with producers of packaged products. You can read my whole story on my "about me page," here

  • Okay, so HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? 

When I asked past clients how much this bundle should cost, I heard that it is, "priceless," "invaluable," and "worth every penny." But those aren't real numbers, so I pushed harder. 

Valued at well over $1,000, my Black Friday Bundle is priced at $598. 

Think about it: If you gain ONE additional wholesale account in 2018 because of these materials (spoiler alert: you will!), it covers the cost of this bundle. There's nothing to lose. 

OK. let's do this! Bundle includes: 1 x Brains of the Buyer Course, 1 x Creating Effective Sell Sheet Course, 1 x 30 minute phone consult with me, 1 x DIY Sell Sheet Video Tutorial, 1 x Sales Kit Checklist, & 1 x Script on Changing a Buyer's "no" to a "yes!" for $598.00! 

Remember, this offer is good until Cyber Monday - November 27th at 9 PM, PST. After that, the bonuses are gone, and my course prices increase on January 1!