Brains Of The Buyer E-Course

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Brains Of The Buyer E-Course


This downloadable e-course includes:

  • A PDF Workbook on "Preparing For Wholesale," outlining all of the steps you need to take to ensure your product is ready for the market, and that you know exactly what retail outlets you will target, and how to get your samples in front of those Buyers.
  • A PDF Workbook on all of the things that a Wholesale Buyer will consider as they determine whether or not your product is a good fit for their store. This workbook will ensure that you have thought through all the answers and know exactly what to say in order to get that Buyer to say "yes!" to carrying your product.
  • A thirty minute one-on-one phone call with Allison Ball to review the workbooks, answer any lingering questions, and ensure you're positioned to speak the language of the Buyer. You choose a time for this phone call immediately after purchase, and it's scheduled automatically.
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A Retail Buyer makes assumptions about you and your brand. The more prepared you are to preemptively answer their questions, outline your positioning, and pitch your product, the more likely they are to take you seriously and place that first order.

The Brains of the Buyer was part common sense, part “things an outsider would never know,” so having Alli provide the in’s and out’s was like leapfrogging the line. This course helps producers make a more compelling, educated case to Buyers so they actually carry your product.
— Kristina Barnes, Founder & CEO of Jittery John's Coffee

After completing this e-course on "The Brains of The Buyer," you will:

  • Know WHY a Buyer brings in new products, and their motivation behind switching up their assortment
  • Finally understand how to guarantee your samples get in the hands of the Buyer, instead of being placed in the store's break room for employees to snack on
  • Feel confident knowing that you're saying the right things, sending the right emails, and following up in the right manner to capture the Buyers attention without seeming needy, pushy, or aggresive
  • Be much better prepared for getting your product on to retail shelves after your very first interaction with a Buyer
  • Have all your lingering questions answered from our one-on-one phone call, where you have the opportunity to ask ANYTHING related to how retail operations work, how to connect with Buyers, and how to make your product stand out in a crowded category
If you’re serious about getting your food product into retail stores, then this course is essential.
— Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez, Owner, Great Grub
Brains of the Buyer is a peek behind the curtain into the grocery industry’s back of the house. Alli provides practical solutions and useful tips to artisans to get their food in the door, speak the language, and stand out when pitching products.
— Gina Conedera, Owner, Chunky Pig Caramel Corn

Every single producer who has taken Brains of The Buyer has increased their Wholesale accounts. What are you waiting for?