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you'll know exactly How to set up staff for success in your food business. 

In this webinar, we'll cover:

Why It's Important to take care of your staff (seems obvious, but I promise I'll provide new perspective!)

The Number One thing staff want from their Employers

Two Ways to Give ⬆️ That Thing ⬆️ To Your Staff!

Plus lots of time for questions and answers!

This webinar is on Wednesday, november 8 from Noon to 12:45, pst.

Alli at Al's

Hey! I'm Alli. But duh, you already know that because you've made it this far on this website.

But seriously: who am I, and why am I running this webinar?

I'm Alli, the Founder of Allison Ball Consulting, where I help food industry businesses with their management training and staff development. I'm passionate about building teams, retaining staff, and creating happy employees. When I'm not working on staff stuff, I help packaged product producers understand the ins and outs of Wholesale, as well as help specialty food stores put together killer product assortments & captivating displays, and learn how to read their sales numbers.

You can read all about me on my bio page, and get to know me more in this webinar. Thanks for joining!


This webinar is completely free and comes as an awesome bonus for being part of my network! Ohhh yes, #workperks!

See ya in the webinar, on Wednesday, November 8 at Noon, PST (3 PM, EST)!