It's time for Staff Stuff, a live online course to help business owners and managers finally solve the challenge of hiring, motivating, and retaining staff.


Staff stuff will run again in the middle of 2018. 

In the meantime, join the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment opens again! You'll get early access to sign up (which is key, 'cause my online courses sell out!), a sneaky waitlist-only discount, and some tips & tricks to keep ya motivated until then. 

After completing Staff Stuff, you will:

  • Understand the one key thing that you can do to build a team that is enthusiastic, motived and committed to your business, so that you get out of the constant cycle of hiring & training staff, only to have them quit months later.
  • Have killer job descriptions that actually work, so you hire the right people in the first place. 
  • Feel completely confident interviewing potential new employees, and understand exactly what questions to ask to find out if they'll truly be the right fit for your business.
  • Have a clear, succinct on-boarding plan so that every single new employee is hired, welcomed, and trained in the same exact (effective!) manner. 
  • Feel confident having challenging conversations in the workplace, and develop a team who also values communication on the job regardless of whether it's filled with praise or constructive of their work. 
  • Finally create a training plan so that each employee is thoroughly trained, with a super-clear, measurable timeline for their development. After creating these plans, both you and your staff member will have the ability to see exactly where they are in their training at any given time. 
  • Understand why it's important to do a formalized review process for every employee, regardless of their position, and have the tools to conduct them. Reviews will not seem daunting, time consuming, or ineffective any more! 
  • Finally, finally, finally feel like hiring, training, and managing your staff isn't as frustrating, tedious, or tiresome as it once was. You'll feel confident using your new tools, and find a refreshed enthusiasm for working alongside your staff, and become a more effective manager as a result. 

Here's What You Get In The Four Week Online Course:

  • Time! Time to reflect on your business, make changes, ask advice, and get support. Four weeks is long enough to see an immediate effect on your business and staff, yet short enough to stay motivated and work hard throughout the month. Unlike other online courses, I offer ongoing support as you implement the lessons that you've learned from our time together. I stick around to help you.

  • Four 60-minute webinars where we dive deep into four topics around hiring, motivating and retaining staff (and more!)…. all to make you better at building a team. Webinars are recorded, so it's okay to miss one here and there if they don't work out with your schedule. Webinars are done on Mondays from 11 AM- 12:00 PM, Pacific Time.

  • Four 60-minute live support sessions where you can ask me anything related to our weekly topics, or things that are currently challenging you with your staff. This time is great for reiterating what we discussed in the webinar earlier in the week, or the additional topics that came up during the homework. Support sessions are also recorded, and if you know you cannot attend, you're welcome to submit questions ahead of time for me to answer. Support sessions are done on Fridays from 11 AM- 12:00 PM, Pacific Time.

  • A weekly homework assignment (sent Monday afternoons) to complete on your own time within the week, so that you can come to the webinars & support sessions prepared and ready to work through your questions and next steps.

  • Unlimited additional support from me for the entire month in our private online group for participants of the course, where we share files, questions and resources, encourage each other, and learn from others' experiences, mistakes, successes and knowledge.

  • Structure! You'll get all those ideas out of your head and on to paper. You'll get clarity on how to make real progress with your staff, and which steps to take, in which order. I designed this course after working with clients one-on-one for years, and know this system and monthly schedule holds you accountable, pushes you to take action, and produces results.


The Four Week Course Covers the Following Topics:

  • Week One -  Hiring, Setting Expectations & On-boarding:  In this first week you learn the foundations for writing great job descriptions, interviewing & making the hire. You create an on-boarding system and checklist to ensure that each new staff is set up for success from the very beginning. 

  • Week Two - Creating a Culture of Communication:  Here we ensure that you are confident with the systems for communication that you have in the workplace, and you learn and develop new tools for having difficult conversations, and giving both praise & criticism to your employees. After week two you'll know what steps you need to take to create a business where employees not only expect feedback, but crave it. 

  • Week Three - Training, training, training: In this week we create systems for training your employees, and ensure that you create a framework for each new employee to find success at your business. You'll understand who should be a designated trainer at your business, and how you can support them as they mentor new employees. 

  • Week Four - Review Writing & Goal Setting: If you aren't talking about performance and goals in the workplace, your staff doesn't know if they're meeting those expectations or not. They have no reason to grow and develop, and become stagnant. In our final week together you learn how to conduct effective staff reviews, create templates for doing so, and create a plan for rolling out a new review process. This week is wraps up all that we've completed in our month together, ensuring you feel confident utilizing all of the new tools, templates, and systems that we've put in place. 

This Course Is For You If:

You KNOW that staff should be a priority in your business, but you find the day-to-day management to be overwhelming, too time consuming, and frankly, not a priority given everything else you have going on each day. 

You are a business owner or manager who is responsible for hiring, motivating, and (unfortunately) firing staff. You make decisions in the business. 

You are open-minded and motivated to find new tools and systems for staff development, and are committed to showing up for four weeks, working hard, and making changes. 

You fundamentally agree that communication is important in the workplace, even if you might not know how to do it most effectively right now. 


This Course Is NOT For You If:

You aren't committed to showing up and doing the work, or are looking for someone to magically solve your business challenges for you. This course is suited for business owners or decision makers who are committed to looking at their business with a critical eye, and are ready to make changes.

You want me to magically hire new staff for you, or help you find a new manager, GM, partner, etc. I'll give you the tools, but I won't do that for you. I'm gonna teach you to fish, my friends! 

Hello! I'm Alli, the founder of Staff Stuff.

Specialty Food Guru

I've hired and trained hundreds of staff - no joke. As Head of Grocery and Store Manager for Bi-Rite Divisadero's store opening in 2013, I put all of my past management & training systems to the test... and it worked. Bi-Rite Divis saw unparalleled success in its first year, and it was in no small part to the motivated, enthusiastic staff who we hired & trained. Prior to my 5 years at Bi-Rite, I worked for a tech company who did corporate team building and management development. Yes, I know a thing or two about staffing and teams! 

I teach business owners and managers how to hire, train, and take care of their people through my one-on-one consulting. I am so excited to share these tools for the first time in my live, online group course, Staff Stuff. Won't you join me?


Have questions? I have answers!

When is it?

Staff Stuff will run again later in 2018, exact dates TBD. 

How many employees should I have to make it worthwhile for me to take this course?

I've coached business owners who are solo and looking to make their first hire, to teams of over 100 employees. I'd argue that the skills you gain during this course are essential to put in place early on in your business, so despite having a small team (or no team, and you're preparing for your first hire!) the time is now! 

I don’t have time to make all the webinars & support sessions.

I totally get that- owners & managers are BUSY. I’ll still be connecting with you via the online group, so this isn’t a problem, and all of the webinars & support sessions are recorded and sent to the group, so you can listen in on your own schedule, or go back to them to get inspiration and advice after the course is over. Want me to address a specific question on the support session for you to listen to on the recording? Not a problem.

I don't want to be on video or audio during the webinars or support sessions. 

Not a problem! You'll see my face and hear my voice, but there's no requirement for you to show up on video, or even on audio. Nothing is mandatory, and you can do whatever you're comfortable with. 

How many hours of work do I have to put in?

About four hours a week, which includes up to two hours of webinar & support sessions per week, and two hours on your own. Everything is optional, but clients who put in the most tend to get the most out of the program.

I run my business with my partner/friend/neighbor. Can we sign up as one participant?

No, sorry. The course price is per person. 

I don’t live in San Francisco. Can I still take your course?

Yes! I designed this course specifically to spread my services cross-country, and to create a format where managers can work with me regardless of their location. I do lots of consulting for clients up and down the West Coast, in the Midwest, and on the East Coast and find that my services translate perfectly over webinars, private online groups, and shared documents.

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