FAQ with ABC | Episode 6 | Shelf Talkers

⚡️This week is special because I launched a new business! Juuuust kidding. But I did invent a brand - Alli's Coffee - to use as an example as I discuss Shelf Talkers and how use them to boost your business.⚡️

Today's episode shares the two different types of Shelf Talkers that are most effective in the retail environment plus gives tips on what to put on them, and what products should use which style talker. Watch to the end to see the examples.

What do you guys want me to talk about next week for Episode #7? You know I love special requests! Direct message me with questions for future episodes if you want to remain anonymous to your fellow producers, or just post below!

Thanks for watching, and tag me in your photos of fancy new shelf talkers! Wahoo!