FAQ with ABC | Episode 3 | Target Audiences

Today we're talking about how to INCREASE your sales by NARROWING your target audience. Haven't thought about it like that before? 💡Well, watch the episode and learn why you should shift your thinking and get super-specific on who is buying your product, and why.

So... who is your target audience, and what is their name? ⬇️ Let me know, below!

See you next week for Episode #4!

FAQ with ABC | Episode 1 | UPCs!

Today I'm talking all about UPC. If that acronym means nothing to you, click below. Or maybe you know you need one, but aren't sure why. Or you think you can get away with having one UPC that you use on every product/flavor that you make (bad idea!). Or maybe you just want to see my smiling face on camera. Whatever your reason... watch below.

So.... UPCs! Here I talk about whether or not you need them on your packaged product (Spoiler: you do!), and why it drives stores NUTS when you don't have them.

Watch, enjoy, ask questions, and share!