I work with growing food entrepreneurs, small-scale producers of packaged product, and well-established CPG brands to launch products, get on the retail shelf, increase sales, and streamline sales systems in the food industry.


Who am I?

As a former Grocery Buyer, now turned consultant, I am a leader in the San Francisco food industry, respected for identifying and setting trends in the retail environment. I'm known for helping producers of packaged products understand exactly what it takes to get your products ON the retail shelf and have high sales once you’re there. I build brands, not product lines.

I've lived in San Francisco for over a decade with my husband and my dog.

More About Me

What do I do?

I consult with producers of packaged product to develop brands, increase sales, establish or expand retail accounts, and streamline operational efficiencies in food businesses. I teach workshops to continue developing line staff, and coach management teams to be stronger, more organized leaders.  I give talks and sit on panels across the country.

My primary way of working with producers is through Retail Ready™, my online course for food businesses who are already in production and are looking to build & grow in wholesale.               

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Who do I work with?

I partner with clients ranging from up-and-coming food entrepreneurs, to growing brands, to well-established companies. My clients are focused on boosting local food systems, creating meaningful connections over food, and committed to sustainable food practices. My clients are ready to work hard and make changes in their business, and eager to stop learning from their own mistakes!

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