Episode 5: Five Keys to Succeeding In A Crowded Marketplace

Annalea Krebs of Social Nature and Launchpad has built a platform of a half-million vocal enthusiasts of "better for you" brands, and connects them directly with YOU - the food entrepreneur. She's seen brands flop and brands soar over the past decade in good food, and uses that experience to share her five steps that YOU can take to succeed in a crowded marketplace. Join today's episode to ensure you're set up for success in launching and growing your CPG brand, regardless of how saturated your category is. 

In today’s show, we covered Annalea’s FIVE big takeaways for creating a brand that WINS in a crowded marketplace. These takeaways include:

  • Aligning your company culture

  • Understand your target consumer

  • Building Demand

  • Clarifying Your Channels

  • Validate, validate, validate

We also used this brand as an example of someone who is doing it right - by pivoting from flavored water to sunscreen - because that’s what their audience was asking for! 

From there, find Annalea and Social Nature using these direct links:

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