I work with food entrepreneurs, small retail businesses, and well-established companies to launch products, increase sales, and streamline operations in the food industry.


Who am I?

I am a personable and professional leader in the San Francisco food industry, known for identifying and setting trends in the retail environment. I have a proven history of increasing and maintaining sales, and building organizational systems while focusing on staff development, education, and retention.

More About Me

What do I do?

I consult with food industry professionals to develop product, increase sales, establish or expand retail spaces, and streamline operational efficiencies in food businesses. I teach workshops to continue developing line staff, and coach management teams to be stronger, more organized leaders.                                                                                            

My Services

Who do I work with?

I partner with clients ranging from up-and-coming food entrepreneurs, to non-profits, to small businesses, to well-established companies. My clients are focused on boosting local food systems, creating meaningful connections over food, and committed to sustainable food practices. 

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