Whenever we book Alli, we know that the presentation will be a breeze. Her organization skills make it easy to work through the details, and her lectures are always engaging and dynamic. She provides our attendees much-needed information on how to market value-added products to consumers in a busy retail environment. Alli’s reputation follows her and any session we book always draw a crowd!
— Ally DeArman, Director of The Food Craft Institute
 Ally Dearman, director

Ally Dearman, director

Speaking Engagements:

InTents Business Conference, 2019: Retail Lessons for the Farmer’s Market

Food Funded Conference, 2018: The Digital Shelf as the New Launchpad for Your Food Business

The Proof Collective, 2018: Crafting a Vision Plan for Your Food Business

KitchenTown, 2017: Crafting Effective Sell Sheets

Pineapple DC, 2017: In Service With The Ladies of Bi-Rite

The California Olive Oil Council's 25 Annual Conference, 2017: Reaching Your Target Audience through Retail

Eco Farm 2017: Direct Marketing for Early-Stage Farmers

Eat, Think, Grow - Agricultural Institute of Marin's 2017 Vendor Conference: Taking Your Small Business to Retail

La Cocina's Food + Entrepreneurship Conference, 2016: Let The Shelf Be Your Talker- Stories of Success in a Competitive Marketplace

Food Funded Conference, 2016: Distribution: Go-to-Market Paths To Grow Your Business

Artisans of the Grasslands - The Savory Institute's 2015 Conference: Mission Driven Leadership in the Food Industry

La Cocina's Food + Entrepreneurship Conference, 2015: Brains of the Buyer- Pitching to Wholesale Accounts

Alli was an amazing addition to our conference. She came thoughtfully prepared and effectively shared an immense amount of practical knowledge. We’re so grateful to have her as a speaker!
— Geetika Agrawal, Senior Program Manager at La Cocina
 Geetika agrawal, senior program manager at la cocina

Geetika agrawal, senior program manager at la cocina

 Lisa Pollack, marketing director of the california olive oil council

Lisa Pollack, marketing director of the california olive oil council

Alli’s lecture at our Annual Conference provided practical knowledge to producers for increasing their sales of olive oil. She was flexible and designed her presentation in a manner so that it was able to be tailored to the questions and concerns of the group in real time.
— Lisa Pollack, Marketing Director of The California Olive Oil Council

Food Industry Volunteerism:

La Cocina,  a non-profit cultivating food entrepreneurs

  • Retail 101: How to Pitch Your Business to the Right Market, panelist, 2015 - 2016

  • Entrepreneur Advisor, 2012- Present

The Good Food Awards, a non-profit redefining good food: tasty, authentic, responsible

  • Judge, Blind Tasting, Oil Category 2014

  • Founding Chair of the Pantry Category, 2015 - Present

Kitchen Table Advisors, a non-profit who fuels the economic viability of sustainable small farms and ranches through practical business advising and trusted relationships

  • Lead Volunteer Advisor for their Boots & Briefcases Marketing Department, 2015 - Present

The Food Business School, the center for executive & graduate education of The Culinary Institute of America, a private, not-for-profit college

  • Entrepreneur Mentor, 2015 - Present

Brooklyn Foodworks, a network of high fidelity culinary incubators across the United States who provide specialized products and services to entrepreneurs in the food community to help them bring new companies and ideas to market.

  • Entrepreneur Mentor, 2017 - 2018