Episode 2: Is Retail Dead?

With the rise of ecommerce, retail may seem like the expensive, frustrating and slow way to launch and scale a packaged food business. Tune in today to learn about the importance of a multichannel approach to growing your business, and how retail can help you succeed.

Every week I have another CPG brand reach out to me, asking if they should launch direct-to-consumer, focus on e-commerce, and forget traditional grocery stores, retail outlets, and wholesale strategy in general. In today’s episode, I provide eye-opening stats on retail & e-commerce, and talk about the importance of having a omnichannel approach to launching and growing your packaged food business. 

We discuss:

  • The two main reasons why you should still consider retail & traditional wholesale accounts for your food business

  • That 17 million square feet of physical grocery stores were added in the US in 2018, and what that means for you

  • The typical conversion rates from Shopify on your own website, and how that influences your online sales

  • The number one thing to remember as you launch into e-commerce

Articles referenced in today’s podcast:

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