Episode 3: Three Steps to Successful Partnership Marketing with Sally Rogers

In this conversation with Sally Rogers, the founder of Parsnip, you'll learn all about partnership marketing - what it is, why you should focus on it as you build your brand, and how to do it successfully. Sally shares the best practices that she's learned from working with over one thousand brands on Parsnip, a free partnership building platform for food & beverage businesses.

As an emerging food brand, you’re challenged to grow your sales, day in and day out. One of the easiest ways to expand your audience is through strategic partnering, and today’s episode is ALL about that! 

Join my guest, Sally Rogers of Parsnip, as she talks about building her marketing-focused business based on her experience in the packaged food industry, and seeing the need for a platform that facilitates that important connection between brands. 

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • What partnership marketing is, why it’s important, and who should do it

  • How to get started as an emerging brand, and how to level up as you grow

  • How to show up as a great partner, and what to do to convince bigger, more senior brands to collaborate with you

  • Plus a ton more!

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To keep in touch with Sally, find her on:

Instagram: @parsnipdaily

Twitter: @parsniptweets

Facebook: @partnerwithparsnip


Parsnip site 

Thanks again for tuning in to another episode!