Episode 8: Your product is only one ingredient to a food business's overall success

Join me in conversation with Ainsley Moir of The Healthy Food & Beverage Group as we discuss WHY your delicious product is only one ingredient in your food business’s success. In today’s episode, we cover Ainsley’s three key components that you must have in place in order to avoid your business becoming “another expensive hobby.”

Also mentioned in today’s episode:

  • Ainsley’s free, 7-day virtual summit: The Food & Beverage Business Growth Summit. Save your spot by clicking here! 

  • Two examples of brands who do a great job creating an emotional connection with their audience - Moon Juice and Yeti.

  • Free to Focus, Alli’s favorite book on finding your “zone of genius” and delegating everything else that doesn’t align with your skills and passion. 

This episode is supported by The Food & Beverage Business Growth Summit, one of my favorite free resources for emerging food and beverage brands. I’m honored to be a part of this annual summit, where Ainsley brings together seven days worth of free interviews and content for food & beverage businesses. The summit starts again on September 23rd, 2019, and you can sign up now, for FREE, by clicking here. 

To keep in touch with Ainsley, find her at any of the below links:

Episode 7: Built with Logic: how to use market research to establish the foundation for your brand

Join today's guest, Chelsea Rainey, as she educates us on how to create a packaged food business that is based on data rather than a gut reaction or a shot-in-the-dark guess about your category. Today we talk about using market research to get clear on three important areas of building your business.

  1. Crafting Your Brand & Product Line

  2. Identifying Your Customers & Their Needs

  3. Understanding Your Opportunity in the Market

Next, we talk through Chelsea’s three-step process for using data-based research:

  1. Understand the intent of your research

  2. Establish your metrics

  3. Plan how to use that data

From there, we discuss where you can find big data, and how to know if it’s reliable. 

Some of Chelsea’s favorite resources include Nosh.com, Bevnet, Supermarket News, Specialtyfood.com, BakingBusiness.com, Mintel.com, Statista.com, and, of course, her own website: Culinistics.com!

Keep in touch with Chelsea through any of the channels below:

Website: www.culinistics.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/chelseajrainey and www.instagram.com/culinistics

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/chelsea-rainey

Email: chelsea@culinistics.com

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Episode 6: SOS Trade Show Plan - Two Truths and a Lie about Prepping For Expo East

Two weeks out from a big trade show, and you still don't have a plan in place? Don't worry! 

This episode will talk you through two truths and a lie about creating and executing a last-minute plan for Expo East next month, or any future industry tradeshow - such as Fancy Food, or Expo West - that you're scrambling to prepare for. 

Before you dive in, keep your ears tuned in for a special bonus alongside today’s episode:  a giveaway!

One lucky listener will win a thirty-minute one-on-one consulting session with me! To enter the giveaway, listen to the episode and then click here and follow the directions on my Instagram post. Giveaway ends on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 9 AM, PST.

In this episode I talk you through creating your S.O.S. Trade Show plan, based off three statements (ONE of which is a lie!):

  1. Your best resource for trade show success is free. 

  2. You can & SHOULD go easy on the sampling strategy.

  3. You should be the fastest person to follow up with Buyers.

Which two are the truths and which is the common misconception? Listen in to find out! 

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Episode 5: Five Keys to Succeeding In A Crowded Marketplace

Annalea Krebs of Social Nature and Launchpad has built a platform of a half-million vocal enthusiasts of "better for you" brands, and connects them directly with YOU - the food entrepreneur. She's seen brands flop and brands soar over the past decade in good food, and uses that experience to share her five steps that YOU can take to succeed in a crowded marketplace. Join today's episode to ensure you're set up for success in launching and growing your CPG brand, regardless of how saturated your category is. 

In today’s show, we covered Annalea’s FIVE big takeaways for creating a brand that WINS in a crowded marketplace. These takeaways include:

  • Aligning your company culture

  • Understand your target consumer

  • Building Demand

  • Clarifying Your Channels

  • Validate, validate, validate

We also used this brand as an example of someone who is doing it right - by pivoting from flavored water to sunscreen - because that’s what their audience was asking for! 

From there, find Annalea and Social Nature using these direct links:

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Episode 4: Why it Takes so Long to get on the Shelf

You've connected with that Wholesale Buyer, they show an interest in your products and say they're going to start carrying you but then.... nothing happens. Why does it take forever to get that first order from Buyers, even when they say they love your brand? Listen in on today's episode to learn exactly why it takes so long for a Buyer to stock your product, and how to use that knowledge to your advantage. 

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Episode 3: Three Steps to Successful Partnership Marketing with Sally Rogers

In this conversation with Sally Rogers, the founder of Parsnip, you'll learn all about partnership marketing - what it is, why you should focus on it as you build your brand, and how to do it successfully. Sally shares the best practices that she's learned from working with over one thousand brands on Parsnip, a free partnership building platform for food & beverage businesses.

As an emerging food brand, you’re challenged to grow your sales, day in and day out. One of the easiest ways to expand your audience is through strategic partnering, and today’s episode is ALL about that! 

Join my guest, Sally Rogers of Parsnip, as she talks about building her marketing-focused business based on her experience in the packaged food industry, and seeing the need for a platform that facilitates that important connection between brands. 

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • What partnership marketing is, why it’s important, and who should do it

  • How to get started as an emerging brand, and how to level up as you grow

  • How to show up as a great partner, and what to do to convince bigger, more senior brands to collaborate with you

  • Plus a ton more!

This episode is supported by Brand24, my favorite online platform for tracking what people are saying about me and my business, online, in real time. Grab your free account by clicking here! 

To keep in touch with Sally, find her on:

Instagram: @parsnipdaily

Twitter: @parsniptweets

Facebook: @partnerwithparsnip


Parsnip site 

Thanks again for tuning in to another episode!

Episode 2: Is Retail Dead?

With the rise of ecommerce, retail may seem like the expensive, frustrating and slow way to launch and scale a packaged food business. Tune in today to learn about the importance of a multichannel approach to growing your business, and how retail can help you succeed.

Every week I have another CPG brand reach out to me, asking if they should launch direct-to-consumer, focus on e-commerce, and forget traditional grocery stores, retail outlets, and wholesale strategy in general. In today’s episode, I provide eye-opening stats on retail & e-commerce, and talk about the importance of having a omnichannel approach to launching and growing your packaged food business. 

We discuss:

  • The two main reasons why you should still consider retail & traditional wholesale accounts for your food business

  • That 17 million square feet of physical grocery stores were added in the US in 2018, and what that means for you

  • The typical conversion rates from Shopify on your own website, and how that influences your online sales

  • The number one thing to remember as you launch into e-commerce

Articles referenced in today’s podcast:

Convinced you’ll pursue retail? Consult my free Retail Roadmap to help you on your journey by clicking here. 

Episode 1: Welcome to Food Biz Wiz™!

In this first episode of Food Biz Wiz™ you'll learn more about me (Alli!), my history as a Grocery Buyer, Head of Grocery,  and Retail Store Manager in the food industry, and what you can expect from future episodes of this podcast with me. I’m so excited that you’re here, and I can’t wait to get to know you and your food business.

Links mentioned in today’s show include: